Gen v1.0 VSTi RETAiL macOS-FLARE

Gen v1.0 VSTi RETAiL macOS-FLARE

Gen v1.0 VSTi RETAiL macOS

Team FLARE | 11 March 2021 | 940 KB

gen is VSTi plugin for generative music.

It triggers MIDI notes, velocity and octaves totally randomly, within a chosen range of values and/or with a selected level of inertia.

– Range randomizer within previous selected bounds for notes, velocity, duration and octave.
– Inertia slider assignable to all parameters.
– Diatonic scale notes’ toggle buttons for every kind of scale/arpeggio setting.
– Note velocity, duration and octave min/max interval sliders.
– Synchronizing to host software BPM button.
– 4T and 8T notes on/off buttons.
– All parameters resettable while playing/generating.
– Note generated LED like indicator.
(MacOS only).

Important Note: Tested only on macOS 10.11 (El Capitan).

Gen v1.0 VSTi RETAiL macOS-FLARE

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