Fryette 412S P50-E IRs

Fryette 412S P50-E IRs

Fryette 412S P50-E IRs

P2P | 18.03.2021 | 27.3 MB

This cab is just unbelievable. If you are looking for an “american” low bottom and “british” mids in one cab, this might be the right cab for you. Loaded with Eminence™ P50E speakers, built exclusivley for Steven Fryette , the Fryette™ 412S P50E ist one of the best sounding 4×12 guitar cab(s), we know, if not even the best. This cab is a bomb, suitable for all styles of Rock, but unmatched, when it comes to heavy, downtuned Metal. Low resonance frequency: 115 Hz.

– VH-FY-412SP50E 44100Hz-16bit-170ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 44100Hz-16bit-500ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 44100Hz-24bit-170ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 44100Hz-24bit-500ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 48000Hz-16bit-170ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 48000Hz-16bit-500ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 48000Hz-24bit-170ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 48000Hz-24bit-500ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 96000Hz-24bit-170ms
– VH-FY-412SP50E 96000Hz-24bit-500ms

Each folder containing RAW and MP waves

Fryette 412S P50-E IRs

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