MYSTERIA Explained®

MYSTERIA Explained®

MYSTERIA Explained®

HiDERA | 8 May 2021 | 153 MB

Studio wiz gives you detailed MYSTERIA video tutorials! Learn all about MYSTERIA‘s features and functions as well as how to use it to create interesting and deep patches for your songs and productions. These video tutorials are designed for new MYSTERIA users. Larry welcomes you and then gives an in-depth introduction to the MYSTERIA virtual synth and its user interface so you can easily navigate it and find what you’re looking for. He then covers the two main elements of MYSTERIA, Atmospheres and Clusters, including what each is and what they do to generate and effect the sounds you make. Then you’ll learn all about MYSTERIA’s Mod FX and how to use them to add movement and color in your different layers, and combine them with the XY Pad to greatly enhance their intensity. Moving on, Larry explains and explores the built-in EQ, Space, and Replika processors which let you perfectly dial in the desired effects, as well as set your sounds in the appropriate environment, from small to huge spaces.

Throughout the rest of the videos you’ll discover the Master Page and its EQ, Saturation, and Dynamics sections, how to setup the XY pad using a MIDI controller to get hands on control of your parameters, and watch Larry create a sound from scratch utilizing all the techniques you have learned throughout this video series, including how the XY pad can be used to really build up the intensity of a patch.

To see exactly what these detailed Native Instrument MYSTERIA tutorials show you and how they’ll open up a new world of sounds and emotions for your songs and productions, check out the individual MYSTERIA video tutorial descriptions on this page. Reveal MYSTERIA today… Watch “MYSTERIA Explained®” now!

MYSTERIA Explained®

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